If one of the mom & pops or smaller tax service providers jumps on board before one of the “Major Players” that would create a whole new playing field.



The top 3 Tax preparation companies in the USA are H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax…followed by a plethora of “mom and pops” or “copy cats” to the originator of the top 3 who was H&R Block.

If you don’t know the history on the top 3, here is a brief summary. H&R block began and some disgruntled employee’s separated and formed Jackson Hewitt. Then, Hewitt left or sold and started Liberty Tax.  Without every detail that is exactly the way they are all connected. In fact, the current CEO of Jackson Hewitt came from H&R Block. It is also rumored that Mr. Hewitt longs to take back Jackson Hewitt. Rumors, details, dates etc…bottom line is these are the “MAJOR PLAYERS” and who my focus is on.

All are fighting to be #1 and all 3 have been around and know the business, the industry and are going no-where fast. Why? The DEATH of the RAL (Refund anticipation Loan service), tax businesses popping up on every corner with lower fees and the countless other “free file” avenues taxpayers can turn too. 

What can I do to stop the dying out of the 3 “Major Players”? I can give them all the necessary tools and guide them into taking back their industry. How? Like the Bionic Man…tax companies are barely alive, we have the technology, We have the ca­pa­bil­i­ty, Who will be the first? Better than before. Better, stronger, faster…

This concept is real. It is a true that all theses service providers can become like Steve Austin the Bionic Man… INVINCIBLE! How? By providing the services they should already be providing! Why aren’t they? I have not got a clue!!! However, I would love to see the RISE of the “Major Players”. See them come back in full swing…taking them higher than their best years on TOP of the income tax industry. These leaders have what it takes and don’t even know what they are missing out on!

But I do.

I want to be the one who takes them to the level of higher earnings, full year tax service operations, and helping the overall employment rates and economy. I want the seat of the man who fixed “Steve Austin” and made him who he was when he became “bionic”. I want that and I can do it for ALL the top tax service providers in the country.

It is only a matter of time. When the first of the 3 “Major Players” takes me seriously…they will be the leader in the industry and the others will only be the “Bionic Woman”. Yet, not a bad role…but still not “THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN”.

Think About IT


In closing, if I am capable of getting investors to back me before I offer my services to the entire income tax industry… I will take it over myself. The entire income tax industry will be in the palm of my investors and my hands…hands down!  I will be ranked #1 and I will stay there while others will start to follow my lead without my help.




Our contract will be fair and logical…your ROI will never have a better opportunity and if you snooze…you’ll lose. One way or another… I’m going to see this happen. I have a mission, a plan, and know how to make it work and I am going to see it thru. I have nothing but time…so I’ll wait until the opportunity comes where I can implement MY concept “Bionic Man”.